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Divya Devi Mala

$135.00 USD

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Divya Devi ~ that space where human consciousness is one with the divine. The very immortal and blissful Being is permeating all your atoms and every limb, and is within you moment-to-moment.

This Mala is an exceeptional offering from our divine Co-Heart ~ Divya Devi.

  • Violet Twirl Onyx/Agate 8mm or 10mm
  • Brass Guru
  • Brass and Ammonite Nautilus
  • Brass And Chinese Marble Accents
  • Brass Spacers
  • Eastern Treasure (Toho) Separators
  • Full Circle: 106cm/42"
  • Comes in a Silk-Screen Khadi Cotton Sac

The stone of immortality, Onyx is excellent for centering your attention and bringing it to your original Being. It invites blessedness and brings blessings.

The Nautilus grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life, becoming a symbol for expansion, evolution, and eternity.

A number of divine proportion whose digits continue ad infinitum without repeating themselves, phi 1.618033988 is found in all life... from the body structure of human beings beings to the seed pattern of sunflowers to the spiral of seashells.

Affinities: Constancy-Courage-Strength-Protection-Release

Chakra Affinity: Crown/Door of Bliss

Astrological Affinities: Gemini, Leo

Element: Fire

Source: South America (Uruguay, Brazil, Peru), Asia (India), Africa (Madagascar), North America (US, Mexico)


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Custom Malas are Urvashee's speciality and especial delight.

For 36 years, she has united with friends from across the world, rendering an infinite and unique array of customised Malas, each enhancing the affinities and inclinations of the individual for whom it was created.


Choose from the entire Heart of All Hearts collection of Guru settings, gemstones, and forest findings.

Or, if you fancy one of the Heart of All Hearts creations, but with modifications (Celebration rather than Meditation; longer or shorter length; Jasper in lieu of Lapis; a Sari Silk Tassel instead of 'Silk'... or even Tassel-free), your Mala can be fashioned to your liking and suitability.

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