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Urvashee Saakshee

Urvashee tied her first Mala when she was three. In her sister Merry’s hair. The knots could not be untied. The local barber was called upon to cut them out. When asked why she did it, she just smiled. From that day on, both sisters were brought to the barber every month for a trim.

In her teens, she tied pompoms for the cheerleaders, designed their beguiling outfits, and turned cartwheels to cheer their school's teams on to victory. When asked why she did all this, she replied that it was to stay free from the classroom.

She spent most of her 24th year tying knots. Enshrouded in a 40lb body cast, she made macramé everything: hats, handbags, wall hangings ~ for her family, her friends, her doctors and nurses, the delivery boy… When asked why, she said it was the only way to stay sane.

Three years later, at the age of 27, Urvashee journeyed to her Guruji’s Himalayan home. Moments into their first meeting, he gave her his own Mala to tie. When asked why, he smiled.

Since that day 36 years ago, Urvashee has been creating and tying Malas for saints and sages, and her spiritual sisters and brothers. Every knot is tied with Mantra, and heart.

Throughout those years, she has been immersed in a meditation and enquiry that has awakened the essence of the names given by her Guru: Urvashee ~ the one who stole Shyam's* heart; Saakshee ~ a name bestowed after she spent six months entangled in a knot of her own imagination and making, and which beyond all understanding suddenly dissolved in a single heartbeat. She was left seeing the magic, the mystery, and the magnificence of all creation, and came to know the Creator as her own highest Self.

*Shyam ~ The space that is perceived when the outer eyes are closed, and the inner eye of consciousness opens. That space is the colourless colour of dynamic intelligence which manifests out of itself the full spectrum of colours or forms. Shyam is also a name of Krishn ~ the blue-black and infinitely attractive space of pure consciousness.