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Turquoise beads in heart shape

For thousands of years, this vibrant stone from the Earth has found its way into every corner and country and culture, and all hearts. A Heart of All Hearts Mala made of Turquoise will open your heart to the spirit of oneness and universality that you cherish!

Esteemed as a symbol of immortality and highest awareness, when turquoise is worn or held, it is believed that mind becomes absorbed in the divine.

Traditionally, it is said that the one who possesses turquoise will never want for a friend. And that when given by a loving heart, it bestows happiness and freedom on the one giving and the one accepting.

Turquoise is a talisman of good fortune, success, and creativity.

Attributes: Awareness-Universality-Freedom-Happiness-Success
Chakra Affinities: Throat, Third Eye, Heart
Astrological Affinities: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
Elements: Earth, Air, Fire
Sources: Asia (India, Tibet), Europe (England, Germany), Middle East (Iran), South America (Chile), North America (US), Australia