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TLC - Tender Your Loving Care


Your Mala is an essential and sacred element in your spiritual awakening. Use it with care and consideration in your meditations and it gets cleansed and purified along with you.

If you do feel compelled to cleanse it from time to time, here are a few ways:

  1. Place your Mala on a stone, or a piece of slate or marble, under the light of a full moon, for 3 hours.
  2. Let it rest on a bed of sea salt, for 3 hours. (It's not advisable to immerse your Mala in saltwater, or in fact, any water, as this may alter the energy of the stones, and actually tarnish the surface of some stones. It may also affect the stringing material.)
  3. Light some sage incense: the essential aroma not only purifies the air you breathe in, it also purifies your Mala.
  4. I love this suggestion: place your Mala beside a brass singing bowl and let the bowl sing... Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

    The tassel, if your mala has one, will sing out for attention. It can quickly become unruly, particularly if it is made of 'silk' (viscose). But it can be groomed by dampening your right hand and lightly stroking the tassel from the top downward. It can even be gently combed.

    If the tassel starts to show signs of dishevelment, you can gently wash it in a mild soap, then groom it when it's nearly dry.


    It's recommended that you not lend your Mala, as it absorbs and stores energy.

    How you use your Mala is entirely up to you: it is your creation and companion. Some friends keep their Malas exclusively for meditation. Some friends have Malas made up of 27 beads in their pockets or purses, serving as a reminder that every step and action and interaction in the waking state falls on freedom and light.

    Some, like me, wear a Mala of 108 beads wrapped around the right wrist, connecting us to that same spirit of freedom and light.

    And so many now love to wear their Malas, not with intention, but as a celebration. Heart of All Hearts Celebration Malas are created and tied in the true spirit of celebration ~ of eternal life, of infinite love, and oneness. What has intention, or mindfulness, got to do with it?