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Your Mala may break, but don’t let it break your heart.  Or your meditation practice. The mind’s attention should not go away from Mantra. And with devotion and love, one should meditate. What will happen? You will go beyond the worldly realm, and absolute bliss will invite you into its heart.

Still, Malas sometimes break. It can be because of devoted use, or a rough edge, or for no known reason. A broken Mala may not necessarily signify that you have had a breakthrough in your spiritual journey, or that you are meant to move on, or even that you are meant to find a new Mala. It may simply be the moment to refresh.

If you would like to retie your Mala, and infuse it with your love and devotion and energy, Urvashee will guide you through the entire endeavour…

  • from first ~ finding the bits and pieces…
  • to last ~ blessing your creation with a special Mantra of your own choosing…
  • to all that is in between ~ tying techniques, tassels of all kinds, Guru settings and suggestions, cleansing…

Ancient Mantras, modern technology, time-tested techniques: it’s all one. And all just waiting to inspire the creative awareness within you.

Get in touch with Urvashee at Together, we’ll set up a Skype date, a playdate. Yay! 

Sky Tie Fee: $36USD