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mala on yogi statue
As the heart of all hearts, I am One.
I am first. I am last. I am all that is in between.
I am the I of all beings. Bhagavad Gita X:20


Every one of us is a unique presence on Earth, having come over here from a source space that is oneness, awareness, light and love.

By birth, we are made forgetful of our true nature, and may become immersed in an imaginary sense of separation, and seeking a return to our source.

Endowed with an instrument ~ a mind ~ that gets built to convince us we are born, we will ultimately perish, and that blessedness in between these events depends upon the condition of our bodies, it may seem that happiness, or the undivided state, lies just beyond reach.

Meditation attunes mind to its source, its essence, its originality, the space of no-mind, only awareness pure.

Close your eyes, and see you.