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Onyx beads in heart shape

The stone of immortality, Onyx is excellent for centering your attention and attuning it to your original Being.

It encourages happiness and good fortune.

A grounding stone, Onyx is invaluable in confusing and challenging times in your life. It aids in releasing attachments to people, places, and possessions, and in disengaging from unhealthy entanglements.

Onyx invites healthful energy, and protects you from negative forces.

Though traditionally black in colour, Heart of All Hearts also offers a mystical Avalon blue Onyx, as well as a stunning sienna...and a fabulous farrago in shades of cerulean or violet. Your eyes are closed in meditation, but if your first sight afterwards is of any of these incredible colours, you'll love to carry your Mala into your waking state world, to enhance all your activities and engagements!

Affinities: Constancy-Courage-Strength-Protection-Release
Chakra Affinity: Base
Astrological Affinities: Gemini, Leo
Element: Fire
Source: South America (Uruguay, Brazil, Peru), Asia (India), Africa (Madagascar), North America (US, Mexico)

mists of avalon

absolute blue

cerulean swirl

violet twirl