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Our Signature Gemstones

Here, in Heart of All Hearts, nine gemstones and three findings from the forest have been specially selected to enhance your meditation... and your celebration of life eternal.

Many have been styled into Malas that will bless your unique journey. Or you may like to create your Mala, choosing from stones or beads and Guru settings in the Heart of All Hearts treasure chest. Every Mala is hand-tied by Urvashee as she sings sacred mantras of blessedness and immortality.

Our gemstones are of the finest quality, coming through a family of gem merchants in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who have been conducting business for half a century. Many of our Guru settings, crafted exclusively for Heart of All Hearts in a range of sacred, classic, and eclectic renderings, also come from a family of Jaipuri jewellers.

Discover the facets and affinities of the Mala stones.

Consider colour, contour, texture, size... and the feel of the stones as they flow from your fingers.

But first and foremost, trust your intuition. In 36 years of engagement with a vast array of gemstones and genuine seekers of truth, it has been ascertained by Urvashee that the lasting choice is a "love at first sight" affair. In this instance, it is true love!

Meditate. Journey to your source. Your true nature ~ awareness, love, and light ~ will shine.

And then discover the delights that Heart of All Hearts has to share.


himalayan crystal


lapis lazuli


picture jasper

rose quartz

tiger's eye