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Aventurine beads in heart shape

Aventurine, or Indian Jade, is a sparkling gemstone whose inclusions create an incredible array of colours in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and even peach. Its light-hearted, effervescent emanation calls for a uniquely-crafted Heart of All Hearts Mala, in any of our 18 exquisite hues and shades! 

Aventurine connects you to the source of all happiness ~ the undivided state of consciousness, or bliss.

It invites both patience and acceptance.

It stands in the path of negativity and remains steadfastly uncompromised.

Aventurine is especially helpful in healing and regeneration.

Sources: Asia (India, Russia), Africa (Tanzania), Europe (Austria), and South America (Brazil)



Blue Aventurine is a gentle gemstone that opens wide the channel from mind to heart, which is the centre of all knowledge and of universal love.

Blue Aventurine reflects the energy and colour of sky. Sky is forever the same no matter what passes through it. Acceptance, unaffectedness, equanimity are the attributes of Blue Aventurine. A Heart of All Hearts Mala made in any shade of Blue Aventurine will bring these blessings both to your meditation, and your celebration of life.

Affinities: Equanimity-Openness-Inner Strength-Acceptance-Love
Chakra Affinities: Third Eye, Heart
Astrological Affinities: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces
Element: Earth, Air









Green Aventurine is sure to open your heart to all the love that is waiting for you.

It is peaceful and calming, and will bring alertness and clear vision to your meditation.

Green Aventurine is considered the quintessential stone of good luck and good health.

Affinities: Love-Peace-Clarity-Good Luck-Good Health
Chakra Affinity: Heart
Astrological Affinities: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra
Elements: Earth, Air




This sunny yellow gemstone shines forth openness, ease, and abundance. It's the ideal Heart of All Hearts Celebration Mala, bringing light and delight to every one who looks upon it!

Yellow Aventurine is also effective in meditation, if you find you're over-sensitive or indecisive.

It balances the flow of energy through the entire physical body, and also inspires your flow of creativity.

Yellow Aventurine fills you with an abundance of acceptance and compassion.

Affinities: Celebration-Abundance-Ease-Acceptance-Compassion
Chakra Affinity: Solar Plexus
Astrological Affinities: Aries, Leo
Element: Earth


aurora gloria


Peach Aventurine - The Quiet Stone

Is ideal for inducing a quiet state that leads into meditation.

Peach Aventurine gently increases the energy in the sacral chakra. It aids in decision-making, dispels doubt, and inspires creativity.

See our special Tribe Of Lambs creation. 20% of profits from our Tribe of Lambs Mala will go towards HIV+ children in India.

Affinities: Meditation-Inspiration-Decisiveness-Positivity-Creativity
Chakra Affinity: Sacral
Astrological Affinities: Aries, Taurus
Element: Earth

tuscan peach

himalayan peach


Orange Aventurine - The Whisper Stone

Helps to quiet the mind and prepare you for meditation.

It is powerful in channelling life-force energy, and encourages perseverance (rather than personal will), creativity, and the ability to manifest.

Orange Aventurine is considered to be the gemstone of new possibilities, and a talisman of good luck.

Affinities: Meditation-Concentration-Creativity-Possibility-Vitality
Chakra Affinity: Sacral
Astrological Affinities: Taurus, Gemini
Element: Earth



Red Aventurine is the crystal of choice in envisioning your life path. It inspires a true and pure awareness of your highest Self, and helps you to manifest your ideals with creativity and courage.

Red Aventurine draws upon the elements of earth and fire to increase the flow of life-force, and to focus energy. It is beneficial in building a foundation for energy to flow freely.

Affinities: Balance-Energy-Direction-Creativity-Courage
Chakra Affinity: Base
Astrological Affinity: Aries
Element: Earth



Pink Aventurine

This is the jewel of my heart.

It shines and sings out that we are the divine Being bringing universal love to all creation.

Pink Aventurine bestows an absolute love of our true Being.

It inspires creativity, and encourages grace, which means that our ideals can be made manifest in the spirit of Divinity.

Affinities: Divine Love-Inspiration-Celebration-Creativity-Grace
Chakra Affinity: Heart
Astrological Affinity: Aries
Element: Earth



jaipur pink