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Tribe of Lambs Mala


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"I selected the motif for the Tribe of Lambs Mala with the inspiration from the logo and ethos of the tribe. The colours were chosen with the artist's heart in mind, who created the watercolours of our sweet little lamb. The stones were actually mindfully chosen for me, with my kindred spirit Urvashee selecting those stones which represented the strength and softness of the tribe. I think that's why this Mala is so special: it holds a certain strength within its beads and knots, but also inspires a soft heart. It is a communal creation, and community is what we stand for... for when we stand together, we stand as one."  - Bobbi/Garima

  • Himalayan Peach Aventurine 10mm, Hand-Knotted
  • Crystal Guru
  • Handmade 925 Silver Tribe of Lambs
  • Sari Silk Tassel
  • Comes in a Silk-Screen Khadi Cotton Sac

Peach Aventurine ~ the Quiet Stone ~ gently increases the energy in the sacral chakra. It aids in decision-making, dispels doubt, and inspires creativity.

20% of profits from every Mala made in this design go to the non-profit organisation's programs to aid HIV+ children around India.

Affinities: Meditation-Inspiration-Decisiveness-Positivity-Creativity

Chakra Affinity: Sacral

Astrological Affinities: Aries, Taurus

Element: Earth

Sources: Asia (India, Russia), Africa (Tanzania), Europe (Austria), and South America (Brazil)


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    Custom Malas are Urvashee's speciality and especial delight.

    For 36 years, she has united with friends from across the world, rendering an infinite and unique array of customised Malas, each enhancing the affinities and inclinations of the individual for whom it was created.


    Choose from the entire Heart of All Hearts collection of Guru settings, gemstones, and forest findings.

    Or, if you fancy one of the Heart of All Hearts creations, but with modifications (Celebration rather than Meditation; longer or shorter length; Jasper in lieu of Lapis; a Sari Silk Tassel instead of 'Silk'... or even Tassel-free), your Mala can be fashioned to your liking and suitability.

    Awaken your imagination! And contact us at

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