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Wondrous, One of a Kind Creations

"Some years back, I happened upon a selection of vintage silk beads when going though the treasure chest of a friend's mother, who was a jewellery designer extraordinaire. The beads were light as air, soft as a whisper, and graceful in appearance. Tying them into a Mala, we offered them to Guruji, who held them in his hands for the next few years, until they literally dissolved into sky space."

A recent discovery of vintage silk beads in six shades has been tied into one of a kind creations: soft, sweet, and simply elegant ~ Anokhi. Though unused, they are not long-lasting; but then neither is 100 years an eternity! Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

And other fascinating, one of a kind finds have been tied into exceptional creations, to inspire and enhance your wondrous existence!