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Why Meditation?

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I was introduced to meditation five years ago ~ as if by chance.

In that first meditation I discovered a deep awareness of inner peace and happiness, and a new freedom that was beyond anything I had experienced up till then. The freedom from experience, as well as from the happiness and unhappiness brought about by experience, is inspiring and empowering; so much so that meditation is an integral part of my life now. The ability to retreat even for a moment and watch, as situations, thoughts, judgements, conclusions, and emotions wash over me, is mind-blowing.

My daily meditation practice helps me in recognizing mental narratives and patterns of self-judgement, doubt, and insecurity, as well as external interpretations such as criticism and stress. Through expanding the awareness that I am always the watcher, the witness of whatever is happening, I come to know that ~ no matter what is going on around me ~ I am free.

"Freedom is your own true nature. You must own it."


Sinja Baumann Heart of All Hearts
Sinja Baumann is a creative and inspiring young visionary. She is presently engaged in meditation and self-enquiry in Northern India, and is developing an online meditation program designed to make meditation more accessible and understood. Contact her at:


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