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The Gift of Peace

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My first thoughts about peace came about when I was growing up. My Father could ofentimes be heard saying: “All I want is peace.” He would declare this every time we asked what he would like for his birthday, or for Christmas, or just in general. It always puzzled me as I didn’t know what he really meant or how I could give such a gift to him. And so, in my young and fresh and fertile consciousness, a seed started to sprout...

As a grown up, I now realise that with three young children and untold stresses in his life he really wanted to escape to nothingness, to go somewhere far away where no noise or demands would be placed upon him ~ where he could just be, where he could find peace.

I have also realised that you don’t have to seek peace out: you just need to make space for it. Peace gently expands and flourishes within you as you allow it to flow with the rhythm of your breath.

Peace is only found within the depths of our soul and being. It has always been there and has always been a part of us, from the day we were born. To experience peace is our inherent birthright, our heritage.

If you allow yourself to fully immerse with your soul, your essence, your highest Self, and become one with all in the Universe, there is a most beautiful experience that washes over you from the depths of your very being and engulfs you in a feeling that is indescribable and overwhelming. You are filled with a love beyond your wildest dreams, hope, faith, courage, and meaning. In that moment you become one with everything: you alone are. And you have discovered the gift of peace, in all its glory.

Peace is a state that we can choose to embrace whenever we want to, no matter what is going on around us. We have access to this state of being when we journey within and experience the richness of our soul, our highest Self, and all its offerings of love, compassion, and kindness.

If we practice doing this through meditation, spending time getting to know our true nature and our connection to each other, animals, plants, Mother Earth and everything in our Universe, I believe that one by one we can create a beautiful vibration of peace that will inevitably bring love, harmony, and healing to our world.

Love, Peace, and Blessings to all.

Karen Grubb KASA Healing Centre Heart of All HeartsKaren Grubb offers meditation, yoga, sound healing, and crystal healing to all at her centre in Australia ~ Kasa Crystal Healing Centre. The gift of peace is her highest awareness and her greatest offering. Find her at


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