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The Aim of Life

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The Aim of Life Maze Heart of All Hearts

“All beings have come on earth with the purpose of doing various things, but the life that is most worthwhile belongs to that one who has the perception of his own true nature.

At the very moment when that perception appears in your life and in your being, without wasting any time, take the chance to meditate on your true nature.

What should you do when you meditate? Just watch the space of the mind. What do you see and perceive? Some word appearing in that space. The moment you become aware of any word or thought, that is the time to start jaap or the repetition of your Mantra.

The ordinary pattern of the mind is dissatisfaction; without having satisfaction the mind runs outward toward the objects of the senses, thinking that it will experience something and will one day have perfect satisfaction.

Be aware that this is the condition of the mind: it is dissatisfied, and it will go outward even while you are meditating. Therefore, what do you have to do? Just meditate, holding the mind in perfect balance as much as possible, and bring the space of pure awareness to the mind wherever it is.

When you have applied your mind and united it with the space of pure awareness, then what happens? You attain a state of happiness which is unbreakable and infinite. Your work or practice is perfected, and at that time the result is that this mind becomes totally free from the clutches of ignorance.

The space of pure awareness, the infinite, all-permeating existence, along with mind, intellect, and all its paraphernalia such as senses, body, and objects, are all one reality. All this manifestation belongs to you: it is in you.

Speak if you can, dare if you can: you alone are, all that there is. Otherwise, time will run out of your hands and who will speak, who will know then?” ~ The Aim of Life / Swami Shyam

Ask yourself this: “What is my aim in life?”

I’m not asking about your intention: what it is you wish to attract and invite in to your life ~ kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love.  Neither am I enquiring about your aspirations ~ such as name and fame, or wealth, or health. Nor am I requesting you to describe your life plan: to be free from schooling by the age of 25, free from debt by age 30, financially independent by 40, a business mogul, a social media mogul, a socialite, a scientist, an opera singer, a folk singer, an earth mother, or father, or love child, or yogi…

The question: “What is my aim in life?” is being posed to invoke a deeper contemplation of why you came over here.

A newborn baby has been catapulted into a finite body form, suddenly landing on earth without so much as a name or a pair of pants. Its first cry is a call for help. All beings take birth without even a guidebook or a how-to manual, and yet all are meant to make their way through the next hundred years in a reasonably satisfactory manner that brings no harm either to themselves or their family or circle of friends or fellow countrymen.

The more fortunate ones receive an education that enables them to earn an adequate living and to co-exist peacefully in their locale, and hopefully able to invest in a pension plan which will safeguard their physical and mental well-being well into their golden years.

“And in one moment, the whole life passed.”

Who among us has ever taken the time to consider and reflect on just why he came over here? The only chance we have is when we are here.

Name and fame are fleeting. Andy Warhol allotted us each 15 minutes of fame. Facebook statistics have reduced that to about 15 seconds of recognition.

As for wealth, that seems to be either in the hands of the Divine or of karma: one man can spend a lifetime toiling and barely eke out a subsistence level income, while another can make megamillions barely lifting a finger.

And as for health, let’s be honest: modern-day man needs millions just to remain alive and free from the ravages of time. And after having spent a veritable fortune on lotions and potions and lipsticks and lattes and designer dresses and Doc Martens, that very body which has been pampered and cared for with utmost devotion starts to break down. Its ultimate attire is wooden pyjamas (a quirky Portuguese euphemism for ‘curtains’).         

Life is truly a work in progress, a process, and a constant outlay of resources just to stay afloat, to remain alive, to breathe. Who even has the time to reflect on why he is here? Or to wonder if, perhaps, he is here? But is this not what separates humans from the rudimentary level of existence in which all other species dwell?

“Only a human being can unfold the ability on the level of his understanding to know that he is never separate from life.

“All human beings have observed that forests are burned, but earth remains. Mountains are no more, but earth remains. Human beings born on earth hundreds of years ago are no longer in existence, but earth is still there. The animals, birds, and creatures presently alive will not be here hundreds of years from now, but the earth will be. It can be imagined that all the forms, objects, and people might no longer exist, but the space between earth and sky will still be there. And according to the imagination of all kinds of less intelligent, more intelligent, or most intelligent human beings, there will [one day] not even be earth, which is solid, or the so-called firmament ~ the sky, sun, planets, and stars.

“Life is that which is forever pure ~ free from the beginning and end of the conscious human mind. Life is forever free, but the time-and-space-bound human being who has appeared on earth is unable to break through his human consciousness, which is limited by the beginning of thinking and the end of thinking. Millions of years have passed, and the sun, moon, planets, stars, and the planet Earth are there. Forms such as air, fire, water, earth, and everything that is visible appear, go by, appear again, and again disappear… but life will still be there.” ~ Swami Shyam

The ability to comprehend this belongs to all lively human beings. But what about that which remains after earth and sky are dissolved? That just cannot be understood or grasped by the mind of a man. Mind needs form: mind thrives on form. What is required is to close the eyes and be absorbed in the space beyond form, to be one with what remains when form is not. That is the true nature of every one, and the Source of all life.

What is your aim in life? If it is to know your true nature, which is immortal and blissful and ever the same, then the words of Guru will guide you well. Simple, straightforward, incontrovertible… the best guidebook or how-to manual a being could ever discover.

Guru is the enlightened one, enlightened of the true nature of all beings. Guru is the one who knows that body is derived from a changing field, and so is bound by the laws of nature. And Guru is unwavering in the awareness that being is unborn, being is immortal, and being is blissful.

This awareness can be unfolded in the mind of any and all human beings ~ regardless of their bank balance or celebratory status or state of health. But it is a process, a practice, that calls for placing the body-identified mind in an atmosphere that is conducive to inspiration and expansion. Or perhaps a better way of describing it: of growing the mind, so that its pure and essential nature can flower.

How to unfold this awareness is as simple as growing a garden: if you envision a seed that is planted in fertile ground and given the right conditions and care, it will first sprout, then take root, and then reach out to the sunlight and wind and water for support and nourishment. Slowly and slowly, it starts to show a hint of colour and a promise of what has yet to come. And then, when you’re not looking, it blooms and you are blessed with the unspeakable joy of the fullness of its flowering. And wonder at the miracle that such a bounteous, beautiful blossom could have come from such a tiny tiny seed.

Human consciousness can be nurtured and nourished in this same way: by grounding the mind in enquiry and contemplation and meditation, and watering it with the company of aware beings in Satsang ~ the company of Truth ~ the flowering will take place. This is because the seed or Source of life is innate in every mind, so within the mind of every one is the potential to realise his true nature.

If indeed your aim in life is to know your true nature, and not just your changing, physical, experiential nature, then this formula elicited by the enlightened one will safeguard you and keep you one-pointed and well-directed. You have only to do it.

Urvashee Saakshee Heart of All HeartsUrvashee Saakshee asks lots of questions. Her early ambition, and her university major, was journalism. Dissatisfied with the answers she found in that field, she turned to a right place and the best company and the wise one’s words. And closing her eyes, found perfect satisfaction and her true nature.


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  • LT: April 03, 2019

    Beautiful writing ! This has given me so many pointers, so much food for thought. These wise words will help me along the path of self discovery. I will be reading this many times, each time taking away a piece to add to my puzzle. Thank you Uvarshee !

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