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Perfection Heart of All Hearts

Who hasn’t known perfection at some time... perhaps while gazing upon a newborn baby or a crimson sunset, or while hearing a piece of music that stops the world ~ and the breath ~ for just a moment? Or even, when surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of the city, for one brief instant you are absorbed in it all, not thinking about where you’ll be ten minutes from now.

You simply are.

How is it that we know, we recognize ~ without any learning or instruction ~ a perfect moment? Who in us simply knows it? It can only be perfection that knows perfection. And also knows imperfection... all those other moments in which we hope and strive to experience perfection.

What if perfection isn’t limited to a moment?

What if the cause of a moment of perfection wasn’t because we saw or heard something wonderful? What if our education and upbringing neglected to let us know that perfection is our essential nature, our very birthright? And that is why we know it, recognize it, and strive for it? What if we discovered that perfection is ever-present, ever-available, and ours for the asking?

Beloved, brilliant Swami Shyam gave the simplest technique to discover your own perfection: sit quietly and close your eyes. Tune into the watchful, knowing one behind the eyes and behind the mind. That knowing one, the Knower, is perfect. It is perfect because it does not dwell in the realm of the eyes, the ears, the mind, time, or space ~ all of which are the province of the pairs of opposites and sense of otherness.

The Knower is free, forever, and always available as the sense of ‘I’. This ‘I' is not the one that says “I am a born body.” Knower simply is, and that does not change: it never changes. It is present before the conscious mind and senses begin to move in the waking and dream states, and is present after it all ceases, in deep sleep.

That is perfect peace.

It can be recognized and directly experienced through closing the eyes and sitting in stillness for even a few moments.

Essence appears, like the sun which looks to have been hidden behind a cloud and has now emerged.

There you are ~ perfect, unchanging you.


Turiya Perfection Post Heart of All HeartsTuriya earned a PhD on the Philosophy and Technique of Shyam Meditation. She has been singing and teaching her Guru's songs for the last many decades, and is absorbed in the essence of Guru's message of immortality and bliss. Find her at


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  • VISHUDDHA: September 15, 2018

    You and Turiya are beautifully articulate on the subject of that perfection which cannot be ‘achieved’ but simply is already You… plus the simple technique of how to find it.
    That, along with the excellence of your Malas, is a winning combination. Absolutely brilliant and rare in this so-called world.
    So wonderful to read this as part of my morning meditation now.
    Lots of love to you both. ~ Vishuddha

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