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Lotus flower Padmaasan Padma Meditation

The lotus ~ Padma in Sanskrit ~ symbolizes purity, truth and beauty.

The lotus is the one flower that, while living in the muddiest pond and rising from it, remains forever clean, pure, and untouched by the mud in which it is rooted.

The lotus is the symbol of complete Oneness, never in duality and always divinely free. The lotus represents our true soul, the essence of our being who is forever free and pure.

The purity of the lotus does not come from the muddy pond, but from the source existence that is one source existence in all. This source is purity, eternity, divinity, awareness, oneness, love, and is the ‘I’ of every being.

To be established in Padmaasan is not merely to sit in a particular cross-legged posture or Aasan... to be in Padmaasan is to be fully established in the awareness of yourself as the one, true, eternal, loving, divine Being.

When you know yourself to be nothing but the pure space of “I”, then you are in Padmaasan. This is Enlightenment, Self-Realization, God-Consciousness.


Padmaasan Padma Meditation

Padma is one of Canada's best known teachers of Meditation and Hatha Yog. She is the producer and host of the Padma Yoga TV series, and has an online meditation course: 'Finding Freedom'. Find her at:


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