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Guru with Mala blue


The grace of meeting Guru ~ the being enlightened in love and oneness ~ came about in my 27th year.

In some cultures, this time in life is called a turning point. In one, it is capriciously called: “The End of the Donkey Years.”

[Donkey Years: the first 27 years in the life of a human being, during which he grows and develops and evolves as an individual, experiencing and enjoying life with an irrepressible sense of his own immortality. You know: the immortality that comes with an unbroken, unblemished body, an indomitable spirit, and the prospect of a long, exciting, and eventful life. The implication is that these first 27 years have given him memories and experience and intelligence to guide him onward wisely.]

Having crossed vast skies and endless seas, then boarding a northbound ‘local bus’ out of Delhi, at long last I reached Guruji’s Himalayan hermitage, and was greeted by his rich, resonant voice: “Aao-ji. Aao-ji. I have been waiting for you!”

In that first meeting, I was blessed with a Mala, a Mantra, and Meditation. The Mala was Guruji’s own, and it came with an injunction: “Untie the knots, and as you retie them, sing the Mantra that has just been breathed into your being. Meditate. And then offer everything to Me.”

The smile that shone on his serene and loving countenance is etched on my angel eye.

The meeting was perfection. It was the turning point. A new vision got awakened ~ of oneness, of immortality, of love. A good start to the ensuing 27… or 54… or 81 years.

The ancient Sanskrit scripture ~ Eesh Upanishad ~ says: “You just perform life-supporting actions, holding to the truth that Pure Awareness is permeating everywhere, and wish to live at least 100 years. The results of your actions, please dedicate to that Pure Awareness, your own true Self. Remain uninvolved.”

Guruji said: “Don’t break with your meditation practice. Regularity is a must.” He didn’t advocate how often, or how long, the meditations should be, only emphasising the importance of regularity. Each time I closed my eyes, not missing a single day in the ensuing 36 years, I got opened to the blessing of being released from the clutches of mind and senses, and turning my attention inward. Each time, I discovered and rediscovered Me: uninvolved, free, peaceful, joyful, loving, infinite, and one with all beings.

Years later ~ having tied countless Malas, having chanted a thousand mantras many thousand times over, and having meditated beforetimes, betweentimes, and yet again ~ the moment manifested to start sharing my meditation findings and Mala creations universally, with all beings. “As the heart of all hearts, I am One.”

So, Heart of All Hearts has come to be.

It was conceived, not simply as a shopping site for semi-precious Mala necklaces to adorn the lithe and healthy bodies of hatha yogis (although I love to envision happy hatha yogis everywhere wearing these exceptional Malas). Here, in Heart of All Hearts, seekers of all inclinations can also discover the insights and findings of friends who have devoted their lives to meditation and an enquiry into life, existence, Self, I.

We wish joy to all beings; may all know their immortality.

Peruse our regular posts. “Regularity is a must.” Share in our wealth of meditation and outpourings. 108 Meditations is a collective treasury of more than three millennia of meditation practice, insights and awakenings. In days to come, you can study and assimilate selections on an array of subjects: A Tried and True Meditation Technique. Yoga for Meditation. Meditation and Breath. Meditation for Well-Being. Meditation for World Peace. Meditation and Prayer. Meditation on Mantra. On Unstruck Om. On the Perfect Void Filled With Love… Our very first post will share Guru’s promise to the one who meditates.

Look here… into 108 Meditations. And then look within.

Travelling to the highest Himalayas to hear the message of truth from the enlightened one is a profoundly life-changing venture. Yet in these modern times we are fortunate to be living in an era of accessibility and availability. Guru’s message has been carried by the 49 winds ~ and by the worldwideweb ~ to every corner and every heart.

One may now ‘consult the Google’ for everything! No passport or visa or air travel is required for your quest. But meditation is essential. Without meditation, you will never transcend the limits of human consciousness, which comes along with a body that is born and will one day end.

Malas are for meditation. Meditation is for liberation. For enlightenment. For Self realisation. So that “peace and joy, understanding and knowledge, sympathy, love, and Oneness will prevail.”

And then, of course… we celebrate!


As the heart of all hearts, I am One.
I am first. I am last. I am all that is in between.
I am the I of all beings.

~ Bhagavad Gita X:20


Featured Image © Ellen Reitman


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