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Love is the Source

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Love is infinite and omnipresent, it has no beginning and no end. Love is all-encompassing and all-permeating. Love is the Source of everything in manifestation, for it is the essence, the power and the expression of the Divine. Without Love there is no world and no breath to give life to all the manifest beings.

Love is the power that animates our every thought and movement, yet here we are, believing that love is merely the feeling we have for another person. We think love is there when our relationships are harmonious, and absent when we are in conflict with someone. We have accepted the limitations of conditional love and we have forgotten that we are Infinite Love.

Meditation is the gift that allows us to not only accept the idea of infinite Love, but to experience its fullness as our own being. I send you blessings and best wishes, hoping that you will find time to close your eyes, tune in and directly experience the infinite wealth of the Source of Love as You.



Sampriya, Marie-Lou Kuhne Millerick, is a contemporary meditation teacher and mentor whose insight into the awakened state of Consciousness is rooted in Advait Vedant (Non-dualism) and Yog (Oneness) philosophy. Find her at:














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