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Meditation practice is beneficial for all human beings.

A human being is born with three states of mind: the waking state, the dream state, and the deep sleep state. In the deep sleep state, man is not conscious. In the dream state, consciousness is there but it is very confused: there is no real knowledge. From deep sleep and dream states, man wakes up to the waking state. In this state he experiences all kinds of situations: some are pleasing to him, some are not, yet he feels alive in all the diverse experiences.

As long as everything is fine, he just lives his life. But situations might arise which are not so fine, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot control either the situations or his mind’s reactions to them. Just possible he may start to think: “I don’t want to live the whole life as the victim of my mind, which sometimes is happy and sometimes is not. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my own thoughts, which sometimes are pleasing and sometimes are not.”

This heightened awareness may inspire him to seek the guidance of an enlightened one, who will tell him very kindly and lovingly: “You can be free from both the state of pain and suffering and of joy and happiness. There is a formula, a technique, which will help you to expand your mind to know and realize that in fact you are pure and free. You are never bound. Just close your eyes: whatever space you see, that’s who you are. You are vast and free, just like the sky. In the sky, birds are flying, but sky is never affected. Sky is free from any division. Sky is never bound. Sky just is.”

It is not a matter of luck, but rather of practice or efforts that will awaken this most beautiful vision in a being. Planning for it, talking about it, even writing and reading about it is a great beginning, but actual and consistent engagement in meditation is essential. As often as not, there are a thousand things that can come in the way, foremost among them the very mind that has kept the being swinging on the pendulum of happiness-and-unhappiness.

"Meditation is meant for making each one responsible for having faith in his real being." ~ Swami Shyam

The practice of meditation is simple and so very invaluable. All that is required is to close the eyes, repeat the Mantra ~ such as Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum / I am immortal, I am blissful ~ do Vichaar, and watch.  Vichaar will be the thought: “I am the pure being. I am not bound or influenced by the dualistic functioning of my mind. I am the source of all intelligence. I am eternal life, which has no beginning or end. I am indestructible existence. The whole world is my vision, and I am one with all.”

Just as one becomes sure of his own name through hearing and saying it again and again, singing or saying Mantra in meditation will awaken the absolute certainty that infinite, indestructible existence is his true nature. Slowly and slowly, mind will be absorbed in its source ~ existence pure, the space of no mind, where freedom from the influence of name and form, of up-and-down, of round and round, is found.

Meditation is the practice that makes perfect: I am pure, I am free, I am forever... I am sky. 

Yuli Heart of All HeartsPraapti / Yuli Matzliah has been meditating and studying Vedant philosophy in Northern India for the past two decades. Her love for Guru and her awareness of immortality and bliss are unbounded. That’s just who she is.
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  • LEA: November 05, 2018

    This is such a beautiful description of meditation. I shall be reading it out at my next mediation class.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love Lea

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