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Baby feet I Am I Heart of All Hearts
"As the heart of all hearts, I am One.
I am first. I am last. I am all that is in between.
I am the I of all beings.”
~ Bhagavad Gita X:20

I am infinite. I am sky. I am that which gives rise to the sky, the sun, the air, the oceans, the earth, the body, all the bodies, all beings. I am the I of all beings.

A tiny child knows this in his heart of hearts. He sometimes smiles, sometimes cries, and is sometimes silent. Every smile, every teardrop is replete with the essence and emanation of his innate awareness. And we are enchanted, transported, by such a little one who, having appeared on earth, has brought along with his smiles and tears and silence the purity, beauty, and bliss of his unborn being.

Once that tiny child has uttered his first word ~ Mama. Dada. Om ~ his mind starts to take shape. He is entreated to repeat again and again: Mama. Mama. Mama. And then accosted by unending questions that serve to shape and strengthen his mind: “What is your name? What is your age? Your nationality? Your religion? Qualifications? Likes? Dislikes?”... and required to give a correct answer, regardless of his liking or disliking… or his inner awareness.

Inculcated with a lifetime of such repetition that has reinforced the relative aspects of his existence, that same child as a mature man or woman can never declare: “I am the I of all beings.” His mind has become configured into a complex and inflexible web of relativity, any intuition of his infinite, essential being cast aside or buried deep in his consciousness.

A human mind becomes so crystallized that it can never say: “As the heart of all hearts, I am One.”

And yet, this truth, this vision belongs to all beings who know “I am.”  I is the essence of all beings: I never becomes any substance or material other than I, even when it appears to manifest as different faces, different forms, different phenomena, different patterns. I cannot be bound: no language or philosophy can influence it; neither time nor causality has any sway over it. 

Ocean water remains water, even when it assumes a myriad forms ~ whirlpool, wave, tsunami. When wave and whirlpool subside, water is still water. Sky is forever sky: clouds, snowflakes, dewdrops appear and dissolve... but sky remains forever sky.

“I am the I of all beings. I am the source, the heart of all beings. I am Pure Existence, in which the beginning, middle, and end of the existence of manifest forms take place. I am before the manifestation of beings, and I am throughout their manifestation as a whole. I am all in all.” ~ Bhagavad Gita X:20

This vision, this truth has been perceived and proclaimed by sages and saints and seers throughout all ages and in all places. 

How did it get revealed to a rare few, and remain hidden in the hearts of so many?

As soon as the waking state dawns, as it does with steadfast constancy every single day in the lifetime of a human being, mind appears and engages in endless waves of chatter and activity, processing, evaluating, interpreting, and concluding… until at long last, with mind on standby, the state of deep sleep takes over, and some precious moments of respite are enjoyed… until the dream state and its fancies and fantasies start to take shape. 

Mind’s sovereignty spans all three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Mind holds sway over the state of divisiveness: me and you, me and just about everything and everyone, this and that, up and down, inside out, long and short, loss and gain, right vs. wrong.

Although it engenders the sense of separation and otherness, mind can be softly directed inward, upward, absolute. Turned toward its source, mind becomes absorbed in the essence of that source state, which is unbounded, infinite, immortal, and blessed.

Though widely acknowledged as the Fourth State, it is the essence, the epicentre of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. 

The technique for turning mind toward its source is threefold and straightforward: 
  • Please listen to the voice of awareness offering the message of immortality and bliss; 
  • Then contemplate, enquire, ask yourself such questions as: “Who am I?” “Why have I come over here?” “From where have I come?” “Who was I before I was born?”  Reflect on the answers to these queries, whilst keeping in your awareness that there are no correct answers: the questions are meant for opening and expanding your present mind-set beyond its fixed and limited boundaries;
  • And ultimately, meditate on the new and fresh awareness that has been introduced into your mind’s domain.
Meditation techniques may be many, but Being, or Self ~ I ~ is forever one. Meditation is as simple as closing the eyes. At that very moment, the consciousness, the awareness that gives light to the eyes and truth to the world is turned toward its source. As soon as eyes are closed, Oneness is seen ~ formless, free, no beginning, no end.

After some time, you will feel this awareness flowing and filling your heart and mind and being. This very awareness will speak that the time has now come to open your eyes and celebrate infinite, unchanging, eternal You.

… And you may find yourself singing ~ childlike, innocent, free ~ “I am the I of all beings. As the heart of all hearts, I am one.”
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  • BOBBI: November 16, 2018

    Love this. Miss you and with you eternally, my sweet Urvashee.

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