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“Your freedom is supreme!... Meditation unfolds in everyone the sense of freedom.

“When I see people meditating and becoming healthy, happy, free, and more at easy every day, my joy increases immediately.

“The life of a human being is most precious, and the work that can be done in this very lifetime cannot be postponed. That work is to unfold all the powers that lie dormant at the back of one’s senses, mind, intellect, and ego. Know that when the highest power, which is perfect awareness, is unfolded, the problems that confront humanity will be taken care of, because… ignorance of one’s true Self will be eliminated. Peace and joy, understanding and knowledge, sympathy, love, and Oneness will prevail.




… You will enjoy the perfect realization of your infinite power and the sense of your own immortal, indestructible, unchanging, blissful Self. You will be able to stand between your two outstretched arms ~ one touching the absolute Pure Existence of your Self, and the other touching the changing aspect of your own universe. You will be able to realize the true nature of your Self, which is the Self of everyone, the Existence Pure, Consciousness Pure, and Bliss Pure. With the realization that the Whole is your Self and you are the Whole, an eternal current of peace, joy, and love will flow from your most delightful presence on earth.”

Meet Your True Self Through Meditation: Swami Shyam

His promise is inscribed on the hearts of an infinite collectivity of peaceful, joyful, loving beings all around the world. Not only a promise, it is an inspiration, a blessing… and the perfect answer to the eternal enquiry: Why Meditation?

When all come together and meditate on their true nature, true being, true Self, the outcome will surely be of Oneness, peace, harmony, and love. And when even one being begins the practice of meditation, the whole world will benefit, because Being is one. Being alone is. Everywhere just the same.

Meditation techniques are as innumerable as the stars in the sky, but Being, or Self ~ I ~ is forever one. That technique which connects you to your true Self, immortal, indestructible, unchanging, and blissful, is the one to be embraced.

The Vision of Oneness: The Technique of Meditation ~ Swami Shyam

  • Sit at ease in any posture.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Immediately after closing your eyes, watch whatever space you see inside.
  • In the middle of this space, make an imaginary centre of any size.
  • Begin to repeat a Mantra, such as Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, as if the words are coming from that centre to your eyes.
  • Focus your attention on the last humming sound of each word spoken. This will allow you to focus on the first sound of the next word. Continue this repetition with one-pointedness.
  • Be aware that you are the Knower who knows how to initiate and repeat Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, how to listen to these words in silence, and how to know the meaning contained within them: “I am immortal, I am blissful.”
  • If any thought or many thoughts arise, persist or subside during this period, remain neutral, just watching. Gently focus your attention on the Knower, realizing this Knower as infinite, eternal and unchanging: Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Bliss. This Knower is all-permeating and indivisible; it is one without a second name or substance.
  • You are the Knower. Continue meditating and holding this realization for some time. Recognize this Knower as your own Self, the source of every thought, every thing, and everyone.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Immortal am I. Blissful am I.


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