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Radha Krishna Divine Love Heart of All Hearts

Opening to Love…

When sleep has not yet come,
And the sweet buzz of exhaustion
Permeates the body,
Linger in the ahhhh of relief
As your head touches the pillow.

Everything in you is yearning to let go.
So let go, let your body fall
Into something deeper than sleep.
With your mind, enter
The soft luminous glow of the soul.

~ The Radiance Sutras / Yukti 52

I vividly remember when I was a child, lying in bed before entering sleep and asking myself repeatedly: “Who am I?” I felt as if I had left this earthy body and passed through all the imaginings of this life into a realm full of peace and love. I knew, even in my young self, that there was more to this life than just what I saw with my eyes ~  a space of bountiful love deep within myself that was everlasting and pure, more loving than you could ever imagine. I had a knowing ~ one that would take me on a journey of deep enquiry that would run and is still running through my life. Who am I? If I am not this body, this mind, living in this time, in this home, in this family, who am I? Who is this ‘I’ who observes life, knowing that what is seen or perceived is not the whole? How does this ‘I’ fit into the context of the Universe?

Determined to find answers, I would disappear into my book about the planets and try to discover the end to a Universe that was endless.

Such contemplations made me feel alone at times, and unable to comprehend the harshness of life and the actions of other human beings. However, my deep knowing of love stayed with me like a lifelong friend.

Yoga has followed me throughout my life, but it was not until some time later that I started to embrace it fully as a way of living. It proved to be the channel or way to discovering my true nature.  “Who am I?” is one of the greatest contemplative questions, one that I had been asking from such a young age, perhaps not even realising its profound significance in those early years of asking.

So I ask: “Who Am I?” “Who Are You?” “Who Are We?” Truly, this is still something that I contemplate through my daily practice of meditation and Mantra. When I sit in deep meditation and allow the ‘I’ to disappear, when I release my attachment to this earthy body and mind and all my conceived ideas of self, all that is left is space ~ space filled with love and light so bright it floods me with thousands of tears; a love that is pure, unconditional, and allows everything to be just as it is ~ without the need to grasp and hold. This love is here and now, it always was, it always will be. It is the love we sometimes call ‘oneness’. I am you. You are me. We are pure love. Divine love.

My life mission (one which I realised and wrote about a while ago) says: “I want to show people how to access and feel the Divine Light of Love, so that when they do, even if just for one single precious second, they are forever changed.”

What a huge mission! But within the grasp of every one.

Now, I invite you to contemplate who you are. When we ask this question from the essence or centre of our heart, the Universe appears and life can never be perceived in the same way again.

With everlasting love from my soul to yours ~ Lea

Lea Elia Divine Love Heart of All HeartsLea Elia is a Hatha Yoga instructor and Meditation guide conducting classes and workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Her passion and mastery of Meditation and Yoga Nidra connects beings to their true Self. Her two beautiful children remind her of the importance of laughter and of not taking life too seriously.

Lea came into our circle of friends and into our hearts a while ago, at a time when her love was proving boundless and unbreakable.

It has been said that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. But what is divine and true can never be broken, because it is Self-effulgent, immutable, unchanging. And full of love.

Lea knows divine love. She knows it as the true nature or essence of all beings, all existence. She meditated deeply in its all-encompassing embrace, whilst witnessing the changing conditions and ~ at times unexpected ~ circumstances that life has presented. In this post, on this day of universal love, she has shared with us her unassailable awareness.

She has also introduced to us the exquisite Radiance Sutras, a contemporary interpretation of the ancient scriptural meditations of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, which tell of the play of love that appears to take place between two beings, but is in truth a sacred exchange between human and divine, between mortal and immortal, between apparent and absolute. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which translates as: Tan ~ body / Tra (Traan) ~ release. It is, in essence, the Saadhanaa or practice or enquiry which frees the pure Self from misplaced identification with body and mind.

When the waking state arises, mind assumes an instantaneous association with body, and an endless dido of attraction and aversion, of like and dislike, of love and hatred ensues. Its innocent and indefatigable playmates ~ the senses and their powers of seeing, hearing, scenting, tasting, and touching ~ are all aligned, eager to engage in an illusory sport of individuality and otherness: but without the Source Self giving rise to each, all the senses ~ mind included ~ are meaningless, powerless, lifeless. This play of life and love goes on, but the truth is that it is none other than that Source Self shining in the vision, resounding through the words, enjoying the experience, loving its own Self.

On this day, the words “I love you” are echoing through the universe, and reaching every heart of every being. They are the heartsong of our own highest Self. If I and you are established in ‘earthy’ bodies, or in emotional bodies, those bodies belong to the field of change, of appearance and disappearance, of birth and death, and thus will one day perish. A body devoid of life will never be loved. So it is not a body loving a body; rather, it is the life-giver, the Source Self which is eternal, unchanging, and one and the same in all beings that is saying: “I love you.”

I. Love. You. Leave aside I. Leave aside you. What remains? Love.

It is in meditation where I and you are left aside and can take rest, and we are absorbed in our Source Self... the Self, the One, which is love alone... ~ Heart of All Hearts

“Cast aside the ten thousand things,
And love only One.
Don’t go on to another.

Engage your lively awareness
With this one focus ~
One object, one thought, one symbol.
Now go inside.
Find the centre,
The soul, the heart.

Right here,
In the middle of the feeling,
Attend the blossoming ~
Attention vast as the sky.”

~ The Radiance Sutras / Yukti 39


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  • REBECCA: February 24, 2019

    So beautiful, dearest ones.

  • SANDRA: February 17, 2019

    Your writing is so exquisitely true. Really lovely. Love.

  • ANA DA SILVA-BOLT: February 14, 2019

    Profoundly deep, very beautiful and full of wisdom. Thank you Lea. Xxx

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