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Pushkar Dawn Watercolor Mayank Creating Space

From within our consciousness, meditation unfolds the realisation that space is the essence of all.

I have been a meditator for considerably longer than I have been a movement enthusiast and teacher, and awareness of space has opened an expanded view that we as human beings need not be limited by the endless flow of thoughts, emotions, feelings, concepts, and ideas that arise in our consciousness.

Realising that our mental stuff plays its role ~ like painting a picture on a vast canvas of awareness ~ doesn’t in any way get us bound or make us feel restricted due to the seriousness of our mind’s limited view. Meditating on knowing that all is space allows for breathing space, mental spaciousness, and the perspective of our essence to unfold in our consciousness.

We are looking for these same qualities in how we move our bodies: to open space in that which feels tight, rigid, tense (i.e. holding onto pain and contraction). Often activated by past physical or mental trauma, ‘holding’ becomes unconsciously imprinted onto our nervous system, which is why deep, slow, aware, conscious movement ~ creating space ~ is the great releaser and healer.

It is not necessary to have trauma (or experience pain) in order to unlock a new level of ease of movement, range of motion, and inner strength. Through somatic movements ~ conscious movement that connects the body and mind ~ we can lengthen and release, and thereby stimulate blood flow and cell growth. That is to say, we create space to release the restriction in our physical movements and our mental attitudes. Body and mind are not separate. Body/mind is one, and making this connection is a truly remarkable healing power that unfetters the body and mind from imagined restrictions. What remains? Space… and the awareness that our whole being is space ~ first, last, and forever.


Mayank Malcolm M Reid Creating Space

Mayank / Malcolm Reid is our true renaissance friend. A yogi from the beginning, who along the way became an exemplary tabla player and talented musician, a singer, songwriter, an extraordinary artist and photographer, he is a guiding light to all who wish for freedom from the body’s limited mobility and the mind’s limited view.

Mayank will be sharing his abundant awareness and expertise in Canada and the USA during August, 2018 and in Europe during September, 2018 at “Wisdom of Meditation” weekend meditation retreats.

He can be found at:

The colourful and captivating artwork in the banner is one of Mayank’s watercolours. Called Pushkar Dawn, it has a special place in the Heart of All Hearts. You can view his collection at: 


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  • LALITA: August 03, 2018

    Beautiful offerings from Heart of All Hearts and from Mayank. Happy Guru Poornima. Wishing you all the gifts that come from within during your upcoming workshops, Mayank.

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